Strongly Basic Anion Exchanger

AMBERLITE IRA 402 Cl is a premium grade strongly basic anion exchange resin of the type 1, with a clear gel structure. It is based on crosslinked polystyrene and has a very high bead integrity, good regeneration efficiency and excellent rinse performance. It is used in co-flow regeneration and conventional counterflow systems with downflow loading and upflow regeneration with air or water holddown. Combined with a strong acid cation exchanger, AMBERLITE IRA 402 Cl reduces both strong and weak acid concentrations to extremely low levels. Its main use is therefore water demineralisation. Other fields of application include the treatment of electroplating waste and the isolation of anionic metal complexes.

Matrix________________________________ Styrene divinylbenzene copolymer
Functional groups______________________ -N+(CH3)3
Physical form__________________________ Pale yellow translucent beads
lonic form as shipped____________________ Chloride
Total exchange capacity[1]________________ ≥1.40 eq/L (Cl- form)
Moisture holding capacity[1]_______________ 49 to 55 % (Cl- form)
Specific gravity ________________________ 1.063 to 1.093 (Cl- form)
Shipping weight ________________________ 670 g/L
Particle size  
    Uniformity coefficient__________________ ≤ 1.60
    Harmonic mean size__________________ 600 - 750 μm
    Fine contents[1]______________________ < 0.300 mm : 1.0 % max
    Coarse beads_______________________ > 1.180 mm : 5.0 % max
Maximum reversible swelling______________ Cl- → OH- : 30 %
[1] Contractual value
    Test methods are available on request.
Maximum operating temperature _________
60 °C
Minimum bed depth____________________
700 mm
Service flow rate______________________
5 to 40 BV*/h
    Flow rate _________________________
2 to 8 BV/h
2 to 4 %
    Level ____________________________
60 to 150 g/L
    Minimum contact time________________
30 minutes
Slow rinse ___________________________ 2 BV at regeneration flow rate
Fast rinse ___________________________
4 to 8 BV at service flow rate

AMBERLITE IRA 402 Cl gives a pressure drop of about 13 kPa/m bed depth per 10 m/h at 15 °C. A backwash flow rate of 6.5 m/h gives a bed expansion of about 70 % at 15 °C. Pressure drop data are valid at the start of the service run with a clear water and a correctly classified bed.

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